The distinguished, yet always comforting feeling of getting a proper shave from a professional barber has always been a luxurious treat for any male.

Many magazines such as GQ, Travel + Leisure, En Route, AskMen and Details, just to name a few, have all published articles indicating the comeback of the barber shop.

Our master barber will know exactly what techniques and products to use on your skin that will achieve the best possible results. Everything is customized and based on your preferences. This relaxing, yet very detailed process involves a combination of hot and cold towels and the full gamut of luxury products. The masterful and legendary art of the straight razor shave is back and available at the Gentlemen’s Quarters.


Available at our Bolton and Vaughan Locations

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Platinum Service

  • 4-6 towels
  • straight razor facial shave
  • neck shave
  • mini facial
  • neck and shoulder massage
  • 45 min

Gold Service

  • 3-5 towels
  • straight razor facial shave
  • neck shave
  • 45 min

Facial Hair Trimming Services

Beard Grooming and Outlining


While relaxing in the chair, you will receive a series of towels. Hot towels to open your pores and prepare the epidermis for the shave and cold towels to close the pores for when the shaving is complete. A variety of top quality products that are provided from Crown Shaving Company are used, such as organic scented shaving oil, and of the luxuriously thick, hot lathered soap which both cleanses and conditions the skin.

Everyone’s facial hair grows at a different rate, but you can expect to have soft skin. The benefits of softer, healthier, flawless skin, translates to a younger looking face that everyone will find irresistible to touch.