Men value the confident and steady hand of a good old fashion barber, but not just any barber. A master in the fine art of gentlemen’s grooming. Welcome to the Gentlemen’s Quarters.


Available at our Bolton and Vaughan Locations
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Executive Plan 

  • shampoo and condition
  • hair cut with scalp massage
  • straight edge shave (4-6 towels)
  • shoulder massage
  • 1 hr 15 min

Head Shave 

  • full straight head shave
  • scalp massage
  • shoulder massage
  • 1/2 hr

Facial Hair Outlining Beard 

Straight Razor Facial Shave 

  • 3-5 towels
  • mini facial
  • 1/2 hr


The experienced staff in the Gentlemen’s Quarters has been providing classic hair cuts and shaves for decades, from young men in their twenties to senior executives in their golden years. This lifetime of professional experience has allowed our barbers to understand exactly what each man sitting in their chair wants. With a low maintenance hairstyle and straight razor shave only made possible by a skilled barber, come in and experience the Gentlemen’s Quarters.