GQ-logo-300x450Gentlemen's Quarters

Available only at Vaughan Location

Press the Pause button on the chaos of life. Your errands, jobs and difficulties end here. Your only requirement in this environment is to sit back, relax and enjoy being treated like a king. Designer Dvira Ovadia, as seen on HGTV Canada, will be creating Mane Society's new Men's Grooming Division!

From the moment you step into this miniature palace for men, the feeling will set in right away – you are about to get the best hair cut and shave of your life. Staying true with the Mane Society brand of excellence and luxury, the staff, services and products here are simply the best.

Welcome to the Gentlemen's Quarters. Try as you might, but nothing will come close as the experience you have when you receive the full treatment of a barber shop shave at the prestigious Gentlemen's Quarters.

Our master barber will know exactly what techniques and products to use on your skin so that you will achieve the best possible results. Everything is customized based on your preferences!

Gentlemen's Quarters Services


The top shelf staff in the Gentlemen's Quarters has been providing classic hair cuts and shaves for decades, from young men in their twenties to senior executives in their golden years. The type of products a woman wants in a hair salon versus what a man wants in a high-end barbershop are two completely different things. Read More!


Benefiting both in function and style and yet not requiring much fuss at all. Whether you've got a little or a lot of grey, our quick colour rinse is a perfect solution for the gentleman who isn't looking for a radical change, but rather, trying to maintain a youthful, yet distinguished look. Read More!

Shaving Services

While relaxing in the chair, you will receive a series of towels. Hot towels to open your pores and prepare the epidermis for the shave. Cold towels to close the pores for when the shaving is complete. A variety of top quality products are used, such as organic scented shaving oil (of your choice), cocoa butter and of course, the luxuriously thick, hot lathered soap which both cleanses and conditions. Read More!