Should You Go Short?

Every woman has asked herself at some point “should I go short?” Deciding to try a drastic new hair style could be done in the spur of the moment for some, and take more coaxing for others. 3 Reasons You Should Go Short: Dramatic changes always result in an instant fresh, fun look that will … Continued

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer weather, like winter, does funny things to hair! UV Rays can breakdown the healthy proteins in hair, making it dry, dull and brittle. Add humidity to the medley and the result is uncooperative and frizzy hair, damaged and prone to breakage. Not to worry – with proper care your hair can be luscious all … Continued

Top 3 Hair Mistakes

Over-using shampoo, buying the wrong hair products, getting an unflattering haircut… There are a number of hair mistakes made every day! Top 3 Hair Mistakes & How to Avoid Them: 1. Wrong Hair Type: It may seem insignificant to select products based on hair type, but in reality products are formulated differently to meet different … Continued

Product Feature: Saryna Key Hair Treatment

One of the Mane Society’s priorities is to provide the highest quality of services to its guests. To succeed at maintaining such excellence, every aspect of the experience must be selected carefully. That’s why Mane Society Salon & Spa uses only the best products available to guarantee the most amazing results. At Mane Society, when … Continued

Bridal Hairstyles – Which one to pick?

You’ve got it all, the fiancé, the ring, the dress…The next step is to find the perfect bridal hairstyle for your big day! This isn’t an easy task to do. Every bride wants her hair to be as memorable as her dress. With so many options available these days, the choice is hard to make. … Continued