A Men’s Shave is an Art Form at Gentlemen’s Quarters!

Men's ShaveGetting a proper shave from a professional Barber has been on the endangered list of grooming practices. Gentlemen’s Quarters brings the old tradition back at our exclusive, men’s only locale in Vaughan.

Nothing will come close to the experience you have when you receive the full treatment of a Barbershop Shave at the prestigious Gentlemen’s Quarters.

What to Expect?

1.  While relaxing in the chair, you will receive a series of towels starting with hot towels to open your pores and prepare the epidermis for the shave.

2.  The Master Barber will know exactly what straight-edge shaving technique to use on your skin to achieve the best possible results.

Gentlemen's Quarters in Vaughan3.  A series of cold towels are placed to close the pores following the shave.

4.  A variety of top quality products are available, including organic scented shaving oil (of your choice), or cocoa butter to condition the skin

The Result?

The experience of a straight-edge razor shave is like none other! Gentlemen’s Quarters Barbers are skilled professional who understand skin and knows what products to use for your specific skin type. The result is soft, healthy and refreshed skin, which translates into a younger and healthier complexion!

Men – it’s time to rediscover the Barbershop Shave! If you have never had the privilege of a straight shave, what are you waiting for?

Contact Us Today! You won’t be disappointed.