Should You Go Short?

Every woman has asked herself at some point “should I go short?” Deciding to try a drastic new hair style could be done in the spur of the moment for some, and take more coaxing for others.

3 Reasons You Should Go Short:

  • Dramatic changes always result in an instant fresh, fun look that will turn heads. Whether it’s an edgy bob or a pixie cut, short hair is in!
  • Bobs come in many shapes and forms, and look great on a variety of face structures and hair types. Our Expert Hair Stylists can help you find the perfect look to accentuate your features and they will even teach you how to style it.
  • Convenience. Convenience. Convenience. Short hair is easier to style, quicker to wash and dry, and bound to save you precious time!

Bonus Tip: Ask your Stylist! At Mane Society you will get the best of both worlds – the opinion of an industry expert Stylist who will tell you the latest trends, trade secrets and product knowledge, coupled with the same type of honest opinion you would get from your best friend.Contact Mane Society Salon & Spa Today

Every Hair Shaping Appointment begins with you sliding into the salon chair and receiving a personal consultation. Once you and your Stylist have agreed on a cut and style, you are treated to a soothing, aroma therapy scalp massage shampoo wash.

If you are not entirely sure what to book, and prefer a little guidance navigating through our selection, no problem. – Contact Us Today! We are more than happy to help you plan your new look.