Top 3 Hair Mistakes

Over-using shampoo, buying the wrong hair products, getting an unflattering haircut… There are a number of hair mistakes made every day!

Top 3 Hair Mistakes & How to Avoid Them:Beautiful Hair

1. Wrong Hair Type:
It may seem insignificant to select products based on hair type, but in reality products are formulated differently to meet different needs. For example – conditioner for thick hair used on fine hair will result in matted, heavy and rather unflattering hair.

  • How to avoid it? Use your time at the hair salon to discuss your hair type with a professional and ask about products that will work best for your hair (and style)!

2. Product Overuse:
Contact Mane Society Today!Waves, curls and texture are trendy nowadays. For the past decade, millions have been using hair serums and hair styling products to improve hair elasticity and strength. Many of these products end up making hair flat due to silicone build-up.

  • How to avoid it? Get rid of silicone based products used to add volume to your hair, and ask your Stylist about hair products that will work best on your hair type!

3. Over Washing:
Washing hair too often affects the scalp’s natural balance, and can result in dry, or even –  too greasy.

  • How to avoid it? Use shampoo and conditioner only when needed. If you go to the gym everyday wash your hair with a gentle shampoo for daily use. The majority of women should condition their hair only twice a week.

Unsure of where to start? Book an Appointment with one of our talented Hair Stylists and we’ll give your hair the boost it deserves!