Bridal Hairstyles – Which one to pick?

You’ve got it all, the fiancé, the ring, the dress…The next step is to find the perfect bridal hairstyle for your big day!

This isn’t an easy task to do. Every bride wants her hair to be as memorable as her dress. With so many options available these days, the choice is hard to make.

How can you choose just one hairstyle? What will look good in pictures? What will last all day? What style for my length of hair? What would best match my dress? What’s trending out there? These are just some of the questions that the bride-to-be could ask herself.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some tips on how to choose your bridal look!

Bridal Services1. Know what you don’t want
If you have no idea on what hairstyle you’re looking for your wedding day, the first thing you might want to do is know what you don’t like. That way, you narrow your search to only looks that you would consider.

2. Texture matters
Whether it’s very fine, curly or thick, the texture of your hair has its limitations. It’s going to be hard to get Beyonce’s look when you have Gwyneth Paltrow’s fine hair, so be realistic on the looks that you pick.

Although hair stylists are not exactly magicians, they can do wonders with today’s available services. If you want an abundance of hair for your wedding day, consider getting Hair Extensions. At Mane Society, we proudly use high quality extensions from Great Lengths Canada. This sophisticated new product is unique because you don’t need to use glues or hot waxes that cause damage to hair.

3. Bridal hairstyle trends
If you’re a fashionista, you’re going to pick a look that’s hot right now. But even if you’re not, trends might help you find something you’ll love. Flowers, mermaid waves and an undone hairstyle are just some of the trends of 2014. Have a look at the 21 hottest bridal hairstyles for 2014 for every length.

4. Do I need accessories?
A great hair stylist once said: “You hair should be prettier than your dress.” Hair is what frames your beautiful face so you’ll want to make sure it looks fantastic. A great way to have a unique look is to add one or two accessories to your hair like a veil, a tiara, flowers, headbands, pearls, etc.

Mane Society Salon Mississauga
Mane Society Salon Mississauga

5. Book a trial
A few weeks or months before you walk down the aisle, book at least one appointment at the hairdresser to try and discuss different looks with a hair stylist. Find a few styles you like and take them with you to the hair salon. Don’t forget to bring your dress! Mane Society Expert Stylists will suggest exquisite and timeless looks just for you, your hair and your makeup.

Contact Mane Society Salon & Spa today, and book your bridal consultation!

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